Twickenham League - start up date



New to all this, but was hoping someone can give me a time frame on when the Twickenham league will be up and running, or a local alternative please?


Hi @oldbigears - Twikenham’s on 12 players at the moment, we need to get to 30 players before we can get the league live.

Have a read on this forum post!


Can I switch the the slough league? As this is already up and running


You should be ok to do so just drop an email and we can get that sorted for you.


have done so, thank you


I’ve just joined the Twickenham group. Any news on when it will get going?


Hi @nfc1 - Twickenham currently has 38 registered players on board, so we will have enough players to be able to start a partnership. The League Admins will announce a new set of leagues that are due to be started in the near future. Once I have got confirmation, I will let the world know.