Uncomfortable getting presents

Soz i dunno if this is the right sorta thing 2 post here i just dunno where 2 ask

Is any1 else find it hard/uncomfortable getting presents off ppl?? I dunno if iv just got somthing wrong with me but am realising how hard i find it. Got a dilemma cos some1 wants 2 giv me an xmas present n i dunno how 2 accept it cos i dont wanna seem ungrateful but theres somthing wont let me :confused:

Does any1 else get this??

Part of me wants 2 put out a thingy saying if theres any1 wanting 2 get me card/pressie they can just give the money 2 charity plz. But then i worry am.being mean by not accepting the generosity eeh i dunno :confused:

I don’t mind giving gifts but I think too much is made of gift giving on that particular day. I would rather help someone during the other 364 days of the year.
If I need socks or new planner, I go to Walmart and buy them. Same with the other family members. Why create a financial strain and stress on buying the perfect gift and wrapping them?