Unexpected consequences of weight loss


I experienced something yesterday which I hadn’t expected during my weight loss progress. At Birmingham Airport yesterday afternoon I got refused entry into the departure lounge as I no longer look like the photo in my passport after losing 68kg.

Now got to try and claim for my flights off my insurance company and got to get a new passport.


This is excellent! I’m going to be testing my passport out after 2.5 years of having the photo taken. Fingers crossed it gets accepted!

I looked like a mafia hitman, complete with black eye!


Does your Passport play the theme from “The Godfather” when you open it @atb88 ?


It normally just says, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” you know like those birthday cards that play sound?


You be ok. Still an ugly baxtard either way :kissing_heart:


You’re a shade of green away from Shrek yourself. :joy:


I cannot see a big difference myself. Well not enough for me to have been refused to fly.


It’s a massive difference, mate! Congratulations!


You’ll have a whole community of people panicking and checking there passports now…but huge congratulations and I’d take it as a huge compliment


Exactly what I was hinting at .:slight_smile:


Omg nitemare!! Hope u can get it sorted!!


U dont see many black eyes nowadays. Mainly gone the way of white dog sh!t n ten decks of fags. U bringin it back old skool stylee


Is that Bob Hoskins on the left ? Fantastic effort Gary . New life I imagine . Never going back either I would think .


that’s very embarrasing to have extra weight gains,there are very rare consequences with weight loss.


Someone there was being really unreasonable. There has to be some common sense and logic. Huge difference and that’s great but I think you can still tell it’s you.
I got questioned when re-entering the UK (at Birmingham too) after losing circa 30kg but at least the girl saw sense.


I suppose it is better being stopped at departures than getting refused admittance to another country. The airline would be deemed at fault in that case and fined as well as having to return me on the next flight.


I got into Spain no problem. Must be the problem.