Unhappy and fat

thank you for the replies guys i really do appreciate it

diverticulitis is rare in some one as young as me apparently and not curable as far as I’m aware

i have dieted before and twice ended up in hospital , the last time they told me of i ended up there again they would have to fit a bag

please don’t think I’m making excuses but i really need to find a diet that will work
at the moment eating bran flakes and whole grain hovis bread keeps me regular

my average daily food intake is as follows

a bowl of bran flakes with semi skimmed milk for breakfast
today i had a cheese sandwich and a pack of snaps for lunch
today i had a grilled chicken breast and potato wedges
i have drunk about 5 cups of coffee and 1.5 litres of flavoured volvic water and 2 cops of tea

No idea if it will work for you but have s look at the psyllium husk thread. Getting down to 15stone by next May is entirely achievable.

Also worth looking at the new members pots

@dodgy welcome to the forums! The great thing about finally understanding this whole energy equation, is that you can make it work for you. Can’t eat fruits or veggies? No problem…just make better choices, and track everything (myfitnesspal!) Great advice from the other guys, and get yourself into an accountability group asap. Good luck man!

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thank you

how do i get on this group please

It is outlined here…fairly simple requirements:

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i did post in that section


can anyone tell me how to work out what calorie intake i need to loose 1.5 lb per week please
today i weigh 18st dead


i have 33 weeks to try and loose 3 stone

Since you’re within half an inch the same height as me, I can read the figures from my spreadsheet by looking back to when I was 18 stone. Your BMR (calories required net of all activity) is around 2050kcals. To maintain your current weight you need to multiply that by a factor. I’m a couch potato, so I use 1.15. The figure normally quoted for a sedentary office worker is 1.3. Take your pick.

Using my lower figures gives a maintenance intake of around 2365kcals a day.

To lose weight at a sensible rate, aim for a 600kcal a day deficit. So 1700kcals shoud see you lose about a pound of actual fat a week, which at approx 50% hydration level will translate into 2lb of body weight per week.

As you lose the weight, your BMR will drop. By the time you get to 15 stone, you’ll be using around 2000 kcals a day, so to continue losing at the same rate you’ll need to aim for 1400 a day.

But if you can kep that regime up, you’ll shed 3 stone in 6 months.

Edited to add: It took me 5 months to come down from 18 stone to 16 stone. I’m currently losing about a pound and a half a week. I’ve found that you need to be in it for the long term, so there’s no point in setting yourself impossible targets and failing to meet them. Plenty of MvF members have lost weight much faster than me, so your target is certainly possible. But if you find a sustainable regime that works for you, it’s better to take a bit longer and actually get there. :thumbsup:


thank you for the time of writing all that
i have set 3 stone in 9 months as a target id like to achieve
ill try to aim for 1700 a day and see how things go
thanks again

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Welcome to the forums mate. I started at a similar weight (although a tad taller). A few weeks in and I am already seeing a difference.

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thanks for all the positive help

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because I’m fat what would you guys recommend for some excersises that could be done as a family
i assume that e.g. 100 calorie worth of excerscise does not mean i eat more to make it up to my daily intake ?


The general feeling on this forum is that you don’t count calories from exercise unless your doing lots and lots of the stuff.

In my opinion a suitable exercise is one that you enjoy. If you enjoy it you’ll be inclined to do it, if you don’t you’ll find excuses for not doing it.

Personally I like cycling. Pedaling doesn’t put the same strain on my knees that running does. I get to go faster and I see more. I also like swimming but don’t do it because its too embarrassing and its not particularly accessible in terms of being able to get to a pool at the right time.

Other people do different things because they enjoy different things. @Big_Fella took up running and did the 8 week Couch to 5K programme, now he’s a born again runner.

Throw in the “family” element and this tends to narrow your options somewhat.


yeah but we are all trying to loose some weight and get fitter
we are going out next weekend for a nice bike ride , hopefully it will become a nice habit

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@dodgy I have to agree with @Adrian anything that seems enjoyable is more likely to be sustainable. Walking was a great gateway for me. It used to kill my back to walk 1/4 mile on my breaks, now I’m running 5k+ on my lunch break. Also, I didn’t like working out in front of people, so my philosophy was to do home based exercises, because that’s what worked for me.


sorry for all the silly questions
today for breakfast i has 2 slices of all grain brown bread toasted with butter 300kcal
tea break 1 ham sandwich (1 slice) and pack snaps 220kcal
lunch other 1/2 of sandwich 100g almonds and a apple 300kcal
tea 1 chicken breast cooked in 1cal spray with 2 potatoes mashed with little milk
which i estimate to be around 380kcal
5 mugs white coffee with semi skimmed milk 100kcal
supper 2 snack a jacks 108kcal
2 litres volic sugar free flavoured water 20kcal
Daily total 1,428
so if my target is 1,600 should i find more to eat and does the above look about right


Looks good…mostly healthy choices from what I can tell…
If one day you’re under calories, that’s fine but your calories goal is already so low, you’re not giving yourself much room to fluctuate if you stop seeiing results.

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i was told to aim for 1700 not 1600 as i wrote earlier

is it normal to loose quite a but in the first week or am i eating too little and will cause me issues later on

since last fri i have lost almost 5lb