Unintended Consequences

So, having had a reasonable amount of success on my weight loss journey (but still a bit to go), I’ve encountered a few problems today that made me want to have a little rant:

  1. Jeans. I have realised that, at the age of 45, I actually have no clue about the best strategy to actually remove a pair of jeans. It used to be easy in bigger sizes, with my 40" waist jeans I would stand on the end of the leg with one foot while I pulled the other leg out, easy. Now I am in 34" jeans I haven’t a clue. The legs are a snug fit so no chance of employing my previous tactics, so what are my options?
    I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve been scrabbling around on the floor looking for change that has scattered itself all over the place from my pocket as I remove them. I went for the one leg approach today at the gym - nothing can describe that feeling of panic when you have your jeans half off, one leg in the air and feel yourself starting to topple. I nearly careered across the changing room into a naked body-builder type today, who I am sure would not have appreciated me landing on top of him with my trousers half down. Fortunately I managed to grab on to a locker to stop the impending embarrassment, before looking round, trying to play it cool and acting like I meant it all along. Tonight I have gone for the sitting down approach, functional but not the most elegant.

  2. Sales. Could I find a pair of trousers when my waist was 40"? No chance. Went to Marks and Spencer last week who had some sale bargains in. What sizes were left? 28", 40" and 42", Grrrr. Similarly I went to Decathlon today. I used to scour the sale rails looking for 4XL tops, if I found one I’d snap them up as it might be a while before I came across another. Now I am looking for XL tops, every bloody top I pick up is either 3XL or 4XL! I’ve decided by now that retailers clearly have some sort of vendetta against me!

I’m sure there are more, but those are two that have got on my nerves today!



A likely story. If you want to go around throwing yourself at beefy men just do it, it’s 2017, we would all support your life choices.


I don’t have this problem just yet, as I’m still loosing weight myself. But I think I’m going to know the feeling of having to start over when purchasing new clothing.

I might have to take my sisters friend with me, when shopping for new clothes. Which might be a bit awkward, as we don’t really know each other well.

Still, I’m kinda looking forward to this dilema. It’ll mean I’ve lost weight. Which is the whole point.

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