Unofficial MVF tournament stoke


Saturday October 13th 2018
Goals soccer centre
Sneyd green
Stoke on trent
30-36 teams wanted Can have more than 1 team from 1 league
£30 a team to pay for costs of pitches refs medals trophies and prizes
5 a side. Maximum 9 players per team
Proper FA qualified refs

The sports centre has a bar which serves hot and cold food located 30 meters from the pitches

Hoping for an absolute great day out and meeting lots of lads from different leagues

If interested please get your coach get in touch via WhatsApp 07791458156

First come first served for teams and would ideally like all teams confirmed by August 21st


Stoke football tournament October 13th
Weston Week 7 (Season 4)
Stoke on trent football tournament
Stoke football tournament October 13th
Bridgwater league 06/09/18 - that's a bit better chaps!

The link to this post has been sent to the Bridgwater, Yeovil, Taunton, Exeter adn Cardiff leagues mate so you may get some contact from them


Thanks mate much appreciated


Asking the lads from the Kensington League…
Good idea setting this up though :+1:t5:


Still spaces?


Yeah mate


Anybody else interested in playing. Please spread the word


Just a thought with the deadline so close, can I put down £30 for an entry and IF I don’t have enough players, I`ll need to ask any extra players to help me form a squad of 9?

Seems better to do this and hopefully get the squad of 9 - we have registration (kensington) for season 2 on tuesday


Don’t want you put money down without a team mate. Not fair you out of pocket if you can’t get a team together

I’ll change the deadline to September 1st see if that helps numbers Hopefully you can get a team together soon and get your team name down. Won’t want any money till all teams confirmed mate :+1::+1:


Are you still looking for teams? Or has the deadline passed?


Hiya mate. I was going throw in the towel tomorrow and call it quits as we only had 5 teams. But you and somebody else have showed interest today so I might give it one last go

Fancy getting a team or 2 together?


Hi mate, We are definitely interested. How does it work with the entry fee. Is this paid up front And when would you need it by?


Yeah mate paid upfront but not just yet Waiting till we have enough teams first. Drop us a message on WhatsApp 07791458156 then I can keep on top of the teams entered and keep you updated


Cheers mate, I will pass your number over to our League Coach Dale, who will be in touch.


Have you put this in the league coaches WhatsApp chat? You may reach a wider audience. :+1:

Stoke on trent football tournament

Iv asked our coach to do it a couple of weeks ago mate yeah. Will try again now 2bf


Hi Liam, pretty sure Kidderminster will enter a team, have you got more info as can’t find original post



Ok put us down as 1 team. Couple of our lads have mentioned 2 teams but not that confident we would get it, plus I want this to be for my 5% loss guys, hopefully encourage the weight loss more :+1: