UWA league Week 9 2021

Hi All,

Few players out this week, but that meant more games for a few of you which is great to burn more calories.

Weight loss leaders this week were:

Ablooterations- Gary down 0.6, Neil down 1.0 and Paul down 0.70, all scoring hatricks for blue.

Black Panthers- Adrian down 0.40 and scoring a Patrick, Michael down 0.40

Liver Failure- Josh down 0.40 and Ravi down 1.3 and scoring 3 points for a 5% weight loss

Yellow- Carl down 1.0 and scoring a hatrick, Clint down 1.70 and Peter scoring a Patrick.

Well done gents

This week I thought to mention calcium incase some of you weren’t aware of how much we need per day and how to obtain enough in our daily diets:

Men need 1000mg of calcium per day.

Dairy is one of the most common and significant sources in our diet:

30grams (thick slice) of cheddar 230mg
170grams (chobani style single person tubs) of greek yoghurt 170mg
250mls (1 cup ) of milk has between 276-352mg

This is the reasoning behind the recommendation of 2-3 serves of dairy per day.

If you don’t consume dairy, then other sources include:

150grams of tofu, 480mg
1 cup of cooked spinach, 245mg
Fortified soy milk, or other alternatives (ensure you check the nutrition label to see it has added calcium of 100mg per 100mls)
Special K 50g serve, 200mg
1 can of sardines, 194mg
1/2 cup canned pink salmon, 162mg (check the label)
1 Tablespoon of chia seeds, 125mg
30mg almonds

As you can see from the lists above, not only are the great sources of calcium, but they can also contain other macronutrients , micronutrients and fibre which we need in an overall healthy diet.

One other important factor in absorbing the calcium from our diets in adequate Vitamin D, which we get mostly from the sun, so aiming for a few minutes of midday sun will help. Just make sure to wear sun protection when the UV is above 3, and avoid prolonged periods of time in the sun on higher UV days.

Fingers crossed the lock down doesn’t continue for too much longer, but an excuse to get creative in the kitchen and think of some healthy meal ideas to keep you on track.