Il start a new thread.


Is it helping in this world cup or was it introduced too early considering it’s not been implemented 100% yet?


I think VAR has the potential to be a big help in the football world. On too many occasions the wrong decisions are given out so I think this gives the added benefit that a lot of sport has implemented so far.


I think it’s brilliant. No longer will mediocre defenders be able to manhandle attackers to the ground & still let the world think that they are world class.

What a time to be a forward.


Last night was a joke but I think it’s worked well. That ref lost the game when he gave the CR7 penalty. I saw it in Abu Dhabi at the world club cup watching Real Madrid and it worked with no issue. Still was on a trial phase at the world club cup.
Last night was just too long making decisions which ended up being the wrong ones