I have been a yo yo dieter for quite some time, started MVF and to aid slimming I want to up my vegetable intake…but I really don’t like them I am a picky eater has anyone else managed to get over this? If so how?


Try stir fries. A bit of oil, some salt, garlic, ginger, soy and/or oyster sauce (a bit of sugar?). They only take a couple of mins to cook and taste much better than boiled or steamed veggies.
When I moved to China I found out I liked many more types of vegetables than before.
I think my mum was quite jealous that my wife (girlfriend/fiance when I first took her to England) could get me to eat veggies that she couldn’t get me too.

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Agree with this - I’ve found that changing up the way I cook things makes vegetables much more enjoyable. I almost never boil things anymore and find everything much better oven cooked with some sort of spices (curry powder / paprika).

Makes flavours much more interesting and gives a much better texture to most veggies.

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Thank you both very much!!

I’m trying the stir fry route for now and have increased my range a bit still struggle with some of them…will try different spices to dull the veg flavours and slowly bring them back in as I get used to them. Hopefully on the road to actually enjoying them!

Hi there, and welcome!

When you describe yourself as a picky eater, what do you mean? Clearly there are some foods that you enjoy as you wouldn’t be here with the rest of us.

  • What does a typical day’s eating look like?
  • Do you eat fruit?
  • Are there any vegetables that you enjoy?
  • Did you go off veg suddenly, or did you never eat them as a child?

It’s worth having a think about why you are averse to something. “I just don’t like the taste/texture” doesn’t cut it as there are so many different ways of cooking (inc eating raw).

The different spices etc are a good idea. Let us know how you get on with that.

Again, welcome

I’m pretty much the same, my veg intake is massively upped by grating the veg and having it in a bolognese or chilli or something similar.

I think my issue is both a texture and taste one, if I’m served with say a roast dinner and cooked veg is there it’ll get left, but stick grated carrot, courgette and pretty much anything else in a chilli and I’ll eat the lot. If I have to eat veg any other way it makes me gag.

My limit of veg is peas and that is it.

But I have started on what I think of as salad stuff.
Mushrooms ( loads of different tastes in there ), peppers, tomatoes, leaves ( rocket, chard, spinach ) So don’t limit yourself to just what you think as traditional veg, as what I have contains a lot of good stuff, and I think, is much nicer.
I’ve started to get strangely obsessed with poached eggs on grilled large portabello mushrooms served with a huge pile of the above covered in Balsamic vinegar.