Very sudden weight gain

Here’s the short story:

6’3 male, age 45. 8 years ago i divorced, and like many, lost a lot of weight. kept my same 6 day weekly, reasonably intense (20-60 minute mostly cardio) regimen going, but stopped eating. Dropped from 233 to 183. Started eating again, but this time very carefully, most of the time, came up to about 195, which felt healthy. Over the last five years, I’ve fluctuated, based on diet, but could always, with just a couple days of 1500 calorie per day reducing, drop back down to around 193 if i wanted to. The highest i’ve been back up to was 210. This continued until April of this year. All of the sudden, as of April, i can’t get down below 198 using the same tactics. Exercise has remained mostly static. I’ve been on the 1500 (aproximately) calorie diet for 2 weeks now, and I can’t get below the 198 lbs. It’s like my body has decided on a new set weight without telling me. I know getting older can have this effect, but it was practically overnight. Any ideas on cause? I’m not suffering, that i know of, from any ailments or taking any drugs that might contribute.

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Hi @actusreus73, I have had the same experience. A big part of my problem is not being totally accurate in my cal counting. I have small bites here and there and they add up. If I stick to 1400 cals a day + exercise I can SLOWLY lose, but it takes every bit of effort and proper cal counting.

I’m 51 and I have def noticed more difficulty in losing. I also noticed that once I gain, it’s MUCH more difficult to lose it whereas before, a 5 lb gain could be gone in a week. Now it takes a month!

Not much help but at least we know we are not alone in this struggle! Great topic…hope we get some clarity.


To lose a 5lb gain in a week would take a calorie deficit of 8750 calories, over 1000 a day.

Easy when you are of a large size, nigh on impossible in a slimmer frame.

I’m 36 and having a similar problem. Normally I hover around 210. However in the past 2 months I am suddenly 19 lbs heavier! Have been working out like never before because of this yet still gaining fat around mid section. I dont have the best diet but have not changed anything other than quitting chewing tobacco. One thing I want to ask is have you experienced any abnormal stress? I have at work and think it may be causing my weight gain. I might start another forum board on this because I think stress is overlooked.