Voluntary & unofficial NYD weigh-in - thanks MvF, could have been whole lot worse


In my group (MVFIA YOUTH - ha bl**dy ha), I’ve done a voluntary and unofficial weigh-in today, with no obligation on group-mates to do likewise unless they’re comfortable with this. Here’s what I posted just now, in case it’s relevant/helpful to the membership ensemble.

Weigh-in is unofficial in as much as I don’t expect you to do likewise unless you’re comfortable.
Today: 13st 10lb
Start on MvF (mid-Nov): 13st 13lb
Best recent low: 13st 4lb

So, glass half full mindset, I’m three pounds lower that six weeks ago, despite the past two weeks of almost constant seasonal indiscipline. Question now is whether I can shed 10lb in three weeks in order to make the goal of 13st 0lb by 23 Jan birthday? I already know how, of course: Planning and focus.

Today’s plan
Hydration: Optimum, ad lib water, moderation in hot beverages, no booze.
B: Not hungry (still digesting last night’s 8oz ribeye steak).
L: Protein & salad, tiny dollop salad cream.
T: Protein & veg, then two squares 80% cocoa solids dark chocolate for dessert.

Nice quiet weekend ahead, no socialising, so potentially booze-free and v low carbs. Time to get my bicycle out of mothballs too.


Well last week I was 252lb
I am now 250lb

Will put that down to being ill though - but happy with it.

Fresh start for me this year after getting nowhere last year (only joined this site in September and then went on holiday to Florida and piled it on!)

Let’s hope for a brilliant 2016


Way to go @GrandadActive sounds like exactly the position I’m in.

All the best for the new year mate



Ahhh another one if us fantastic 23rd Jan’ers. I knew you sounded brilliant. Very good.