Waiting list for Liverpool?


I signed up on Monday for the Liverpool league.

Just wondering what the waiting list is like at the minute?


Hi @dave_robbo - I have spoken to @MCJ_95 who is the Liverpool coach, he is working his way through the waiting list this week. A couple of the lads are not returning messages so you may get that call up soon! It’ll be a phone call from Matty, who will explain everything to you.

Hi @MvFFootballHelpI signed up last Tuesday and wondering how long it takes to get in a team

Hi i signed up over 3 weeks ago and i still haven’t heard anything yet, any chance of an update on waiting lists please?

Hi, I am communicating with the League coach at the moment, he will be in touch with you ASAP.

Hi Just registered for the Liverpool league, anyone know how long il have to wait before I cant get started? Thanks!