Waiting list?

Just signed up and now on the Orient waiting list. Does anyone know if any spaces are available for the new league that starts on 3rd September? If so, please get in touch.


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Hey Buddy

You are on my list. We have just finished the Season & I am in the process of moving players out that are leaving across that are after a new challenge then I will add in new guys including yourself ready for registration next week. Sit tight for now but rest assured that you will be a teamed player next week.


Hi I am new and not yet finished with all registration and fees, can I come and have a look how are you guys doing and then take decision to join or not?

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Hi, jus registered last night for this league, will there be space for tomorrow?

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Yes by all means please come along & have a look for yourself. Tomorrow night is registration so no actual games will take place as such but meet the guys and see for yourself

Hey mate
I have just had our very last space open up for you this evening and added you to a team.