Walking for weight loss

Hi, i,Phil and 3.5 years ago i was diagnosed as having emphesyma. After brooding for a while i decided sitting on my arse would do me no good at all, so after a life of cross country running (which i can no longer do) i started walking, i live in a rural area of Norfolk so have great countryside to wander around in. I started off doing 3 miles a day and very slowly built up from there.For the last 2 years i have been doing between 35-40 miles per week depending on the weather, but i recently did 51 miles . on the first of April this year i decided i had improved my lung function enormously from 72% to 93% therefore i decided to try losing some of the beer belly i had spent a lot of money collecting over the years. At 17 stone 10 i could walk for miles but had to push myself up from the sofa, as of today i am 16 stone 3 and feel i am getting there.I am determined now that on my birthday which is 23/7/17 when i will be 66 i will have 15 at the beginning of my weight, not far to go i know but for the last 2 weeks i seem to be stuck and looking for a way to push myself to my target. I eat around a thousand calories a day and do lots of walking, i am aiming for 50 miles again this week, will post when i reach the grand old age of 66 how i got on.


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That is a good distance to be walking each week! However I think at only 1000 calories a day is very low

What are you planning to do when the fat loss stops/stalls? (and it will)

You are probably right, but i have never been a big eater, i just ate the wrong thongs, a while back i was drinking 30-40 pints pf bitter a week and sometimes would go 2-3 days with nothing to eat at all, now i eat the right things with smoothies and plenty of veg, considering that i have lung disease i think i am quite fit and strong for my age and feeling good, however i think my desperation to be under 16 stone before my birthday may affect my judgement a little, but its only a couple of weeks away then i can sit back and think about it a bit more. Thank you for the comments, i do appreciate it.