Walsall how long is the waiting list

I signed up at the start of June and was wondering if you knew where I am on the waiting list

Same here mate, shame it didn’t say about the waiting list when we joined. I’ve tried phoning and they keep taking my email and mobile saying I’ll get a reply but near 2 months now and heard nothing back

That doesn’t sound great at all, just want to know how long the list is really, I mean if there’s like 200 people before me could be a waiting a while :joy:

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@MvFFootballHelp maybe be able to sort you out

Yeah lol If I know a starting point then it’s fine, I think it’s the not knowing or hearing off people that’s the annoying part.

thank you

Hi mate, Ive just contacted them and the waiting list is 9 people long and I’m no8 - so I guess your either 7 or 9 … at least it’s not 200. Hope this helps

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What a guy, nice one mate cheers for letting me know, hopefully then we shall be in next season hopefully :joy: cheers

Yeah hopefully but he did say people start dropping out mid season so it could be sooner.

Oh that’s alright then hopefully don’t drop out in next 2 weeks as I’m on holiday Saturday

You heard any news mate on your placement in this league?

I haven’t heard anything yet, I don’t know if the current season is over yet I assume once it is then we shall here but have to wait I think it will start mid September or something like that

Just had this sent to me mate.

There’s a couple of spaces looking like they may open up so i will be sending out an email over the next few days to those at the top of the waiting list and if they don’t take it up then there could be a space but either way you will move up the waiting list 1 or 2 spaces.

Sounds good, I’ll be keeping an eye out if I remember your 8 is that right so hopefully we should have to wait long but what happens if we join half way through this season do we still get the next also.?

Yeah, I basically think that once you get a place then it’s yours until you decide to leave. So once you’re in then it’s your place to keep

Well I hope we get a spot soon so can start playing

Have you heard anything mate in the last few days ?

Oh sorry mate I thought I replied to this. Nope nothing yet. It’s getting a bit tedious now. but Hey at least we’ve moved up 3 to 4 places.

It’s cool mate, that’s good news then and I’ve had a look at the league and if it’s right I believe the next season starts on 11th of October I could be wrong , if you want to check, go to the Walsall league page

Yeah I just had a look - fingers crossed there’s space for us and others on the waiting list to start. It’s been ages since I joined the waiting list.

If it starts on the 11th I guess we’ll hear sooner because of finding out what team etch we’ll be in/joining.