Warning on CBD products

I thought I’d share a lesson learned the hard way.

I’ve been having a lot of knee trouble this year, and am currently on wait for a High-Tibial Osteotomy - basically a knee-preservation procedure that should forestall a replacement and still enable me to run.

I’ve been getting digestive issues with anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and Naproxen, so on the advice of an American friend who lives in a CBD-legal state, I tried some of her gummies. She has rheumatoid arthritis and is in pretty permanent pain. She’s found these to be extremely effective.

The effect on the knee was very positive, and there was also a pleasant anxiety-reducing effect. BUT…there was also the matter of the appetite-stimulating effect. I was always eating - interestingly, I didn’t necessarily feel hungry, I just felt compelled to eat!

This obviously wasn’t a desirable situation, and it led to me finishing my last group 5lb up!!

The good news is that I’m two days clear of them, and my appetite has returned to normal.

Bad news is that my knee has started hurting, and I’m picking up a noticeable increase in stress levels.

Here’s the thing. CBD-based remedies are pretty effective, but they are generalist. You can’t take them for one thing and assume they won’t deliver their other effects.

Interesting, what was in the gummies? I used to vape CBD and didn’t find it affected my appetite at all. Could it have been the ingredients of the gummies rather than the CBD itself causing you to crave food?

It’s in the leaflet that one of the positive effects is appetite stimulation. Really should pay attention to those leaflets in future!!

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Haha, fair enough!