Soz wasnt sure what section 2 put this in.
U hear alot about drinking water. Especially when its been hot like at the moment but also ppl say it helps weightloss.
I wanna ask, does it rly help weightloss and if so how? I heard it can help against hunger but i dunno if thats a fact plus hunger and eating are 2 different things
In honesty am not big on water, to the point i even try 2 avoid it if at all possible when exercise.

Part of me wonders if i need 2 try n drink more but another bit thinks why? I dunno just wondering :confused:

It definitely makes me feel fuller, I don’t know if it actually does help though.

I wrote this last year about drinking water: https://manvfat.com/how-much-water-should-you-drink/ and thought you might be interested in these bits from it:

"Water makes up 60% of our bodies and it’s lost through sweating, peeing and even breathing, so it’s important to maintain this level to stay healthy. Drinking enough water can help with digestion, your blood circulation and can help prevent headaches. On a more superficial level, drinking enough water can help improve your skin too. Simply put, water is the key to helping your body function properly. "

Will drinking more water help me lose weight?

Well, it’s not a magic potion – if you’re not sticking to your calorie goals, drinking a bit of water isn’t going to negate this. However, drinking enough water and staying hydrated is thought to help a little bit, although it’s not clear exactly how. Some people swear that drinking enough water will ‘flush everything out’, or that a glass of ice-cold water will kickstart your metabolism, but there’s no real research to back either of these claims.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism did find that drinking water increased metabolic rate by 30% for a maximum of 30 minutes, but it was a small sample with strict controls which can’t really be generalised to the wider population.

But if you’re used to drinking high-calorie soft drinks every day, switching to water will cut those calories which will help you lose weight. Another commonly-cited reason that water helps you lose weight is that drinking a lot of water will fill you up, so you may end up eating less. But again, this isn’t a magical property that water has – it’s simple calories in, calories out.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth drinking water if you want to lose weight, though."


Also, plain water is gross. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with adding squash to water if it’s going to get you drinking it - most squash is so low in calories that it’s really not going to make much of a difference to your calories for the day.

*Post is sponsored by the 1l of Tesco no added sugar orange squash currently sitting next to me :laughing:


Thanks for the info! Well it sounds like it defo wont hurt eh!
I think i got a bit wrong idea that it might make it harder 2 lose weight cos if its 60% ur body then if u hav less u will weigh less? I dunno i dont think that stacks up tho :confused:
Im not keen neither tbh im not actually keen on many drinks, just not a thirsty person. Will try tho specially given the hot weathr

I drink 4 pints of water a day, colder the better!

Do u enjoy it? Cold defo helps

I drink 4-6 litres a day and love it. Then I live where I live so it’s a necessity.

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I bet !!