Week 1 2021- Cockburn League

Hi All,

First of all welcome back and well done to teams blue and yellow for their wins on the pitch.

Some solid weight loss efforts by David, James and Peter from Blue

Ray from Red

Jack and Simon from Yellow and

Paul and Richard from Black.

For those that are new to the program or those that didn’t already know, an expected amount of healthy weight loss is anywhere between 0.1-1% of your current body weight. For example, if you are 140kg, anywhere from 140grams to 1.4kg could be expected. However, sometimes you can expect higher amounts with significant dietary changes, However, you don’t want to be starving yourself or eating limited calories to achieve weight loss, its all about balance and choosing the right foods.

To loose weight, you need to reduce the amount of energy you have been currently consuming by around 500 calories. So think about those foods that aren’t high in nutrition that may be contributing to your daily energy intake.

A friendly reminder about alcohol, a typical beer may contain around 150 calories, so if you have 4 a night, thats an easy 600 calories, so something to be aware of.

Hopefully the man v fat program will act as a catalyst to find more opportunities throughout the week to get in more physical activity. One strategy that came up on game night was heading to the gym, park, etc straight after work, as once you get home and on the couch its much harder to get back up. So pack some exercise clothes in your bag so you can get in some activity once work ends.

Here is a link to a poster of the Australian Dietary Guidelines to give you a clear idea of the types of foods we should be consuming, you will see it recommends limiting processed foods like fried chips, potato chips, confectionary, chocolates , sports drinks, alcohol, processed meats like salami, pies, cakes and biscuits. These foods whilst delicious are low in nutrition and high in calories.


See you all next week and well done on your efforts !