Week 1 April 2021 oldbury league restart

First off I want to say how proud I am of you all a lot of effort on the scales the books and also to get out there back out on to the pitch, there is a buzz and I myself need that after the last year, we all need that.

137.2 kg lost in week 1 brilliant

By team this was

Bayern munchies 19.5kg loss
Incredible bulks 18.4kg loss
Inter losing weight 15.8kg but full 11 turn out and full 11 losses
Ivory toast 14.9kg loss
Not fast just furious 13.8kg loss
Porky blinders 21.2kg loss
Real madras 11.3kg loss
Snackrington Stanley 22.3kg loss

Well done a great week but the challenge is can we keep that momentum going.

Are we going to see a first 5% in week 2?

Close pitch game between not fast just furious and inter losing weight with the blues edging it on the pitch but inters full attendance and all losing meant they won it back on the scales to make a draw. Good start for both with nearly 30kg loss between the teams

Next up we had incredible bulks up against snackrington, 9 losses each on the scales a full 100% of available losses meant a pitch win for snackrington was enough to win the tie.

Madras v toast was a tale of two halves with toast going into a two goal lead and madras snatching pitch victory 3-2 which led to an overall victory by 1 goal for madras.

Last game of the night porky blinders our champions of last season vs Bayern munchies who were challenging in both cup and league before lockdowns interrupted. A pitch victory saw the way to an overall win by 1 with all players on both teams losing weight.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Nathan Bevin 4.5kg loss
  2. jack Markall 4.5kg loss
  3. Gordon Winwood 4.4kg loss
  4. Matt Maries 4kg loss
  5. Jon Stanaway 3.5kg loss
  6. Wayne Manley 3.4kg loss ,Mike Mitchell 3.4kg Loss
  7. William Birkett. 3.2kg loss

The challenge is to keep the losses going next week after such big initial results.

I spoke to a few tonight about grabbing that opportunity and realising manvfat can offer many positives friendship, support, exercise but a real opportunity to lose weight and make a difference to your health. Maybe in the past at times that can be lost as an opportunity or taken for granted but the restart and new start weight gives that opportunity to start again and make it count.

Weekend cycle - try and break that cycle of Friday night to Monday anything goes and Monday - Friday ‘being good’. You may sneak a loss every now and again and ‘enjoy’your weekend but if you looking at losing weight it won’t happen that way.

Keep working on the remove reduce replace I shared last week and the bounce back from a high calorie meal.

Weekend is key for preparation, batch cooking or just planning your meals better. Maybe getting some more exercise in when you have more hours.

Next week has some interesting games ahead. There will be banter all week as toast go up against incredible bulks with a couple of the bulks players close with toast. Hopefully we can all push each other on the scales and come out this time next week as all won on the scales.

Madras and munchies go head to head to kick us off. This throws up Jaydon v Sean team mates on Monday and both smashing the scales so some more opportunity for banter and push each other teams on to achieving something special.

Inter and porkies clash next with inter top of the scales league and opportunity to cement scales league place further.

Our last game of the night is snackrington Stanley v not fast just furious,

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