WEEK 1 New season

:+1:Welcome everyone to another season, also welcome to the new players who have joined us.

Great start to the first week, lots of players loosing a nice amount, keep it up, i want to see greens every week!:smiley:

The summer holidays are nearly over… which means kids back at school, you are back to work, you’ve got no more holidays booked…Great time to be getting back into a healthy routine of good eating, sleeping and exercise. Need any advice or help don’t be afraid to ask Richard and i :+1:

Useful meal and ingredients tip :bulb:
REMEMBER to always look at all Nutritional values not just the calories, because a low calorie meal can be high in other places including sugar which causes fat to build up, making the meal not as healthy as you originally thought.

See you all in a couple of weeks!:wave: