Week 10 Croydon League 20/2/18

My apologies I have been ill this week so the post was later than usual.

I will start off with a massive congratulations to the league winners Non Atletico Bilbao Blacks who have retained their league trophy!!

The turnout was a bit disappointing but it was a major champions league night and some had work commitments.

Mr. Mark Coppard 12.39kg
Mr. Nathan Newbury 7.99kg
Mr. Patrick Eastabrook 7.79kg
Mr. Joe Nimmo 5.75kg
Mr. Philip Steel| 5.35kg

Nonatletico Bilbao Blacks 10 - 1 XXXLsior Blues

Fatzio Greens -1 - 4 FULLofHAM FC Reds

One Tonne Wanderers FC Oranges 6 - 1 Dynamo Kebab Clarets

So there 4 weeks left and now we turn to cup action, four weeks means roughly 30 days so why not start a 30 day challenge to end the season on a high. I know that when I have goals the best way for me to achieve them is buy doing a challenge as I hate losing but I also love winning so my natural instinct is to smash the challenge.

Losing weight alone is a hard task so joining a challenge with support is a great way of sticking to it and a great source of motivation when things get hard.