Week 10 Oldbury 24kg loss so season upto 154kg

Well done to lee wainwright of porky blinders 5% loss tonight and his hattrick

Also well done on the team bonus this week of 6 losses or more across the team for the extra goal. Bayern munchies, porkies and snackrington all got the extra goal team bonus.

Some great successes on the scales with players back under start after Christmas and momentum starting to build. A big well done it’s not easy after Christmas.

Weight loss by team at week 10

Bayern munchies 35.5kg - 6.8kg this wk
Inter losing weight 15.6kg - 2.6kg this week
Ivory toast 19.9kg - 2kg this wk
Porky blinders 29.3kg - 5kg this wk
Real madras 28.8kg - -1.5kg this wk
Snackrington 12.8kg - 8.1kg this wk

Weight loss team of week
1/shane abbey 1.8kg loss, Ashley white 1.8kg loss
2/richard Davies 1.8kg loss
3/Jon Hayward 2kg loss
4/Chris Wright 2kg loss
5/Nathan Bevin 2.4kg Loss
6/Adam Reeson 4kg Loss

Cup week now next week and then 2 league games to play and a cup final so another exciting climax to the season.

In the overall league we have 5 teams still with a mathematical chance of winning league.
Bayern munchies are top on 11 points with a one goal lead and superior goal difference to snackrington . Both teams have a head to head in week 14 which could be the decider.

The scales league is also just as tight with porky blinders on 12 points and real madras and snackrington on 10 points

Captains shout out

Madras Man of the match for madras tonight is the whole team fantastic effort boys

Great team performance and man of the match is Mark with great defensive work and runs

Team effort for Snackrington.
Ash for munchies played well on the pitch nath for his great lost weight and an clean sheet

All the lads Available for Inter, they kept going during the match

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