Week 10 Oldbury season 8 congratulations real madras on overall title win

Well done to real madras who clinched the title tonight great achievement with winning scales league and overall league and pushed all the way to last game with a challenge from porky blinders who finished a point behind.

A topic to highlight this week is making good practices habits so the chore goes from
Being a pain to being something of an annoyance if something gets in the way.

Make time for food prep, get up that bit earlier in a morning and chop and cut and get some food into the slow cooker. When you get back from work will be ready and stop the need for grabbing at snack cupboards or take away menus as need something now or haven’t got energy to start cooking or go shopping after a day at work.

Here is a chicken chasseur I had this week just as an idea

I have also been doing the fit body boot camp which involves setting the alarm at 5:15am two to three mornings a week and doing a 45 min intense exercise routine. Once break the point where becomes a habit then becomes enjoyable- well apart from the bear climbs and crab walking on a cold sandy Astro surface when it’s still dark but that can be solved with some gloves.

Within your league now there will also be midweek extra fitness football sessions you can get involved in set up by the players as exercise once a week not enough so opportunities for more team sport.

Maybe try something different like a park run or race at your pace which the sign up window for October is now open for

With the week 10 push for league title and the pairs final results we saw some really positive weight loss results this week.

Well done to lee burgess of ivory toast achieving his 5% weight loss, well done to Paul gouldingay and suky Singh of porky blinders both achieving there 5% tonight. Well done to dan Hickman of real madras hitting maintenance bracket and healthy bmi and achieving 10% loss at same time

We also saw 6 hattricks across the league tonight.

Neil hodgetts and suky Singh won the weight loss pairs competition with a great double effort this week

Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 11.8 kg for season
Inter losing weight 18.2kg for season
Ivory toast 18.7kg for season
Porky blinders 56.4kg for season
Real madras 74.7kg for season
Snackrington Stanley 25kg for season

Weight loss team of the week
1/Neil hodgetts 2kg loss
2/gareth partridge 2kg loss great start
3/dan Hickman 2kg loss
4/mike Mitchell 2.4kg loss
5/Antony Wilkes 2.6kg loss great start
6/Kevin randle 3.2kg loss back on it after hols

Captains shout outs for week

The whole of madras from the very first game on and off the pitch the lads have been fantastic

Porky blinders Paul and suki for their 5% and a big well done suki on the consistent weight loss :muscle::muscle:

Ivory toast Lee this week big part of the team got his 5% and a goal to top it off

Bayern munchies Everyone who walked onto the pitch for the munchies tonight we only had 6 players and a massive mention to jase for coming back​:+1::+1:

Team effort for Snackrington. No individuals, collective responsibility. It would be unfair to single out Tom for giving away a penalty​:joy::joy:

Thought moving onto next week
There’s a strong connection between books filled in and losses, where books aren’t filled in or not brought there’s a connection to a gain. Remember tracking in books can earn your team 3 goals and not only that but will
Help track your intake and control.

4 weeks of cup games now so lots to achieve personally and for team. If your over start weight then still time to correct and give me a shout during AQA time if want to chat 1-2-1.
Hattricks and 5 or 10% are turning results in a teams favour so every goal counts with pitch scores close.