Week 10 West Brom league welcome back

Happy new year all hope you have had a good time, first time back on scales is always an interesting one but the good thing is we know have knowledge and motivation to change it.

Welcome to the league tonight to ian price, rob allsop and andrew field.

I posted this today on Instagram and thought I would share its about me and setting goals for this year both directly linked to health and weight after Christmas and new year and also life goals and there is a very strong connection between achieving in both.

If you can get the balance right with work family exercise then can achieve the other things.

If start to make time for yourself will also give that focus to attack other goals.

After a really good Christmas and seeing in the new year away from home I have joined a league to help my efforts and schedule some exercise in so will keep you up to date on progress as I go.

A challenge to help you all next week is as a team if you can lose 10kg by next week which could be 1kg each with squads of 10 or 11 then you will receive one extra goal. Hoping this gives extra motivation and back into habits of supporting each other in the groups to achieve together.

On the way home I went to get petrol from a petrol station with a shop- wow won’t be doing that again lol. Offers deals 2-4-1 everything left over from Christmas that trying to get back away from to get back on track, next time will be self serve petrol :slight_smile:

Cup final will be between psv and Quakers in week 13 at 9pm
Other fixtures on week 13 will see man titty v fridge raiders at 8pm and 8.30 pm expected Toulouse v nacho

Back to league games next week with nacho and Quakers battling for the overall league

The scales league is also between nacho and Quakers but fridge raiders are also in with a shout.

8th feb we have an 11s game vs Halesowen dads team it’s a 2.30pm ko away if interested

Captains shout outs

Expected Toulouse Sean m for tolouse great running and defending. Well done nacho gd game as usual

Nacho Good start game back after Xmas well done to expected they played well beat us 4-1 on the pitch our man of the match was Matt despite result kept us moving etc great vocal lead on pitch , but overall after Xmas we’re all glad to be back

Toffa is MOTM for Quakers, had a really good game on and off the ball. Great work rate and deserved his goal, could never tell he put on 3kg :joy::joy: