Week 11 cup week 1 West Brom

In cup week 1 which is week 11 of the season there were wins for The Leftovers, kebaberdeen and largentina.

Two more cup weeks and all to play for with a bank holiday approaching us which could be a chance to achieve extra weight loss as you approach a % target

Weight loss for season at 181kg
Bayern munchen 15.2kg
Bmi ballers 19.7kg
Kebaberdeen 41.5kg
Largentina 28.1kg
Salad dodgers 13.4kg loss
The leftovers 37.5kg

Captains shout outs for week

Bmi ballers For us will be josh, he kept us in the game with a couple of class saves and he also lost 1kg :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:
Kebaberdeen - Adam for us did well to lose weight when in his healthy bmi,

The leftovers Matt round hatrick on pitch and great attitude

Bayern munchen great weight loss for stephen white and Stuart Bromley

Largentina 1.4kg weight loss for Darren hooper

Salad dodgers 1.2kg loss for Gareth watkins and Shane for his effort on the pitch.

No game next week as venue closed for bank holiday

Before your next game there is a game for some of the league in Colchester to look forward to a full 90min game so continued efforts on the scales will reap rewards on the pitch in that game.

Weight loss team of the week
1/Adam Nicholls a loss while in healthy bmi bracket
2/various 1kg losses
3/Gareth Watkins 1.2kg weight loss
4/m.isa jhumat 1.4kg kiss
5/Darren hooper 1.4kg loss
6/rob baker 1.4kg weight loss

Weight loss team of season at week 11
1/Brett groom 7.2kg weight loss
2/James storor 8.2kg loss
3/marios hadjianastasis 8.4kg loss
4/Shane abbey 8.6kg weight loss
5/Stuart Bromley 13kg weight loss
6/Carl Lewis 18kg weight loss

With a bank holiday approaching have a think how you can make the weekend work for you, more time to plan meals or batch cook or more exercise.

My weekend will be football Sunday morning and then up early Monday for a fit body boot camp free trial for some extra exercise.