Week 11 Rockingham WA results so far

What a great match night it was last night - both on the pitch and on the scales…

Blue team (ably supported by the red lads) defeated Green 7v2
Yellow team put in a great effort against Red 4 v 6.

On the scales I have some good news to share…
Graham H in the green team achieved his first hattrick (weight loss 3 weeks in a row), and scoring their second hattrick this season was 4 players: Cliff and Shaun in Green, Alex in Red and Tony in Yellow. Special shout out to Andy C in Blue team, for achieving his 3rd hattrick this season. And… there’s more… we have another Rockingham player who has lost 5% of their body weight… Congrats to Alex in Red team (their reliable goalie) Woohoo. - the results tell me that you’re really putting in the effort to lose weight, GREAT job.
That’s the thing about weight loss, every small change you make, counts. All the small changes, over time gives big results. Gradual change is a more sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off - well done to you all.

The MAN v FAT data screen turned a new colour for a player for me this week… OMG - Ryan L from Yellow team has lost 10% of his body weight now. Congratulations! Good to see Ryan at match night to weigh in,(even though he can’t play). Fingers crossed he may be able to join his team on the pitch for the last game of the season.
On that note, 3 weeks to go lads til the season winds up. Keep up the good work, and have a good weekend (not too good though - too many beers and wine can really stuff up the weight loss results …we all know that - but just throwing in a reminder. :slight_smile: …)
See you Thursday.