Week 11 season 8 Oldbury cup week 1

First week of cup tonight and a big well done to Ashley white achieving his 5% weight loss for ivory toast.

Other notables mentions well done dan Hickman, Kevin randle, Stuart leaver and lee Burgess all had notable successes last week either personal or as a team and the easiest thing to do is relax and undo the efforts, (sometimes that is needed)and almost reward yourself but all lost again this week or in the case of dan maintained a healthy bmi level.

Anthony Wilkes also doing well with another loss while not being able to contribute on pitch yet as recovers from injury.

We also had 5 hattricks across the league tonight.

Weight loss by team at week 11
Bayern munchies 9.5kg
Inter losing weight 21.5kg loss
Ivory toast 23.2kg loss
Porky blinders 51.2kg loss
Real madras 71.7kg loss
Snackrington Stanley 24.5kg loss

Weight loss team of the week
1/Shaun Armstrong 1kg loss
2/Kristian Clarke 1.2kg loss
3/Paul hill 1.5kg loss
4/mark greenwell 1.8kg loss
5/Jason Ellis 1.8kg loss a great start back in league
6/Lee Thompson 2.5kg loss

As we head towards season end focus sometimes drops as wait for the motivation to kick in for next seasons league challenge but the flip side to that is breaking habits are sometimes hard to change and as such I have set a little challenge which is doing the rounds across manvfat is called Losstober can we record losses across all the weeks in October as a challenge to ourselves.

The benefits to this are:

Good habits catch on
Setting yourself up well for the Christmas period
Still time to hit 5 or 10%
Cup to be won

A constant across the league tonight was colds and illness effecting focus and scales as unable to have done same exercise and craved comfort foods. This happens the important thing is to switch it back if can, plenty of fluids and cold remedies and then back on it to rectify any gain.

A reminder on shin pads they must be worn in order to play on the pitch for your safety. Captains please check at handshake across team, it’s players responsibility to wear and then refs responsibility to bring this up to player to correct. Player will need to exit pitch and team could be down a player for an effective sin bin offence.

Captains shout outs this week -

Ivory toast Ash with his 5% and lee played well up and down the pitch and played the game after

Porky blinders Lee from toast for his two goals and a big thank you to lee and lewis for helping us out and making it a cracking game

A good nights work for lee Burgess :clap::clap:

The whole Snackrington Stanley team, also welcome back to Jon Stanaway

Everyone for inter put a shift in with only 6 players. Well played everyone