Week 11 UWA League 2021

Hi All,

This weeks weight loss leaders were;
Simon down 1.10
Ben down 1.10
Michael down 1.3
Had down 0.7
Paul down 0.5
Ryan down 0.5

Well done guys.

There is a handful of you who looks like have grasped what works for you in regards to weight loss.
Whether it be cutting back on the junk, reducing your portions sizes, eating more protein and veg and cutting back on the alcohol, all of these strategies are things that you can continue on with lifelong to maintain a healthy weight.

For those that are fluctuating or have gained a little over the season, don’t stress, there’s no end date in sight when it comes to loosing weight, and you shouldn’t be in a rush by making drastic changes.

A few topics of various diets have come up , such as the fasting 800 diet. Whilst this approach can be beneficial when an individual is needing to loose weight rapidly for surgery etc… If done incorrectly or unsupervised can result in muscle loss, and may also result in binge eating later on, and commonly resulting in a regain of all that lost weight if normal healthy eating patterns aren’t re-established once the fasting ends.

This is why nutrition professionals will always advocate for the basics- wholegrains/complex carbs, adequate protein spaced evenly throughout the day to balance blood sugar, energy and provide satiety (the feeling of fullness and satisfaction) and some healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts/seeds, avocado, and the fat content already within protein sources , combined with consuming an amount of energy that is within your energy needs for the day.

Eg: sitting down all day means you need far less calories/energy than someone who is a labourer doing hard physical work all day long .

As I’ve mentioned before, if it seems like making too many changes at once, start with one, such as switching up that breakfast from a high sugar cereal each morning to 2 boiled eggs and a piece of toast with some veggies, or a bowl of oats with a piece of fruit. Once you have engrained that habit of a healthy breakfast, then move on to lunch and go from there.

See you all Thursday for the final game of the season