Week 12 Oldbury league cup week 2 season 8

As at Week 12 and cup week 2 weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 12.9kg
Inter losing weight 15.2kg
Ivory toast 22.9kg
Porky blinders 45.8kg
Real madras 76.4kg
Snackrington Stanley 24.8kg

Weight loss for the week sees real madras record the highest losses of 4.7kg followed by Bayern munchies with 3.4kg losses

Across the league we had 7 hattricks .

Assessing goals and targets is always good to provide opportunity to refocus

A welcome into the league to Paul turner tonight.

Weight loss team of the week for week 12
1/Nathan Bevin 1kg loss
2/Shane abbey 1.2kg loss
3/Piotr Koryl 1.2kg loss
4/Daryl Kitson 1.5kg loss
5/Paul rainbow 2kg loss
6/Jamie Degge 2kg loss

With 2 weeks remaining of the season the leading contenders on our amazing loser kg lost are Kev randle 12.2kg, followed by Dan Hickman on 9.6kg and Matthew Maries on 9.6kg loss

Cup standings at the moment sees ivory toast in 1st with 4 points and +16 gd, we then have 4 teams all on 2 points with various goal differences.
Inter 2 pts +1 gd
Real madras 2pts 0gd
Snackrington 2pts -1 gd
Bayern 2pts -8gd
Porkies 0pts -8gd

All to play for next week to seal top two places in the standings to play in the final game of season for the cup.

Captains shout outs for week

The whole of munchies tonight we even had two Injured players playing and a big respect to Jay for still coming up and supporting us tonight👍 Hattricks for Nathan and rob

Ivory toast a team shout out this week for combined effort

Inter losing weight Jaydon for me tonight, 2 great finishes. Lees finish also needs a mention. Absolutely sublime goal

Porkies All the team for having a good go and Gareth for coming away from a party to play and giving his all

Geordie for madras, mention to all the team for getting on it big time