Week 12 - UWA League - Broke the 100kg of weightloss!

G’day lads,

Fabulous games to watch again last night, kicking it off was Better Red than Dead vs Weighty Whites. Red only had 2 players for this one, relying on substitutes to assist with reducing the loss to 0-2.

Big shout outs to both Blue Mountains and FC F.C (Yellow) for having a huge turn out of 6 players each making up 12/25 players to attend for the night!

An absolutely massive week on the scales for the following players:
Kev Robinson (Black Panthers) - 3.4kg weekly loss and achieved his 5% certificate
Hadi far (Weighty Whites) - achieved his 5% certificate after missing the first 4 weeks!
Steve Piscetek (West Ham and Cheese (Green)) - For being our first player to hit the 10% weight-loss goal!!

Final 2 weeks to go! I managed to speak with a few of you lastnight to determine what your final goals were - get a number in mind and lets hit it before christmas!

On-Pitch results

Better Red than Dead vs Weighty Whites 0 - 2
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Black Panthers 8 - 3
FC F.C (Yellow) vs Blue Mountains 5 - 2

Off-Pitch results

Better Red than Dead vs Weighty Whites 1 - 5
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Black Panthers 4 - 5
FC F.C (Yellow) vs Blue Mountains 5 - 4

Overall Results for week 12

Better Red than Dead vs Weighty Whites 1 - 7
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Black Panthers 12 - 8
FC F.C (Yellow) vs Blue Mountains 10 - 6

You can see match results anytime at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/uwa , and if you click on ‘ Latest Results’ (the tab on the right of the results box) and hover your mouse over the scores (e.g., 4 – 2), you’ll be able to see a break down of where the score came from.

Shout-Out to Current Team Weight Loss Leaders… Based on kgs lost to-date.**

  • Blue Mountains - 25.8kg
  • Black Panthers - 22.1kg
  • West Ham and Cheese (Green) - 21.9kg

Overall League weight loss to date: 102.80

Putting it all together…

  • Make small changes that last – Whether it’s reducing portion sizes, drinking more water, or being more active. Remember that behaviours you can sustain over the long-term are far better than short-term temporary fixes.
  • Expect bad days – We face challenges and setbacks in everything we do – and losing weight is no different. Whenever you have a bad day – be it overindulging or feeling a little worse for wear the morning after a few drinks, just dust yourself off and get back on track. You’ve proved to yourselves by now that you are capable of having lots more good days than bad days.
  • Plan – Part of preventing those bad days is to put plans into action to prevent lapsing into unhealthy behaviours. So it might be worth thinking about how you can keep weight off or (at least) minimise the weight gain.
  • Check food labels for hidden calories – Remember, some food items have more calories than you think. Read the labels or better yet, make your own meals.
  • Keep getting enough shut eye – Sleep keeps us functioning, and keeps the weight off.
  • Calories-in, calories-out – to keep losing weight, always think about that equation, and put more out than in.
  • GOALS – Set some S.M.A.R.T . goals for after the season has ended.

That’s all from me, feel free to reach out anytime should you need some help and have a fabulous weekend.

Until next time,