Week 12 West Brom and another 5%

Well done to Sean Matthews hit his 5% today and helped overturn a pitch loss for The leftovers

Captains shout outs to the below
Malc for Kebaba, Great all round play and a superb left foot finish for his first ever goal.
Oh and a big shout out to roons for stepping in as we were short…

Mom for largentina was Dan, lots of running and scored a cracker

Leftovers mom was Nathan for none stop running but special mentions to all the lads who played through injuries so we could field a team

Bmi it will be ammo for getting his first goal and tracking back he played really well. We all played good me and Neil got a hatrick but all round good squad performance

Bayern munchies great weight loss for Ronnie

The players who attended Colchester had a great day and experience on the pitch but we just ran out of legs and numbers in last twenty mins as saw a 2-2 draw turn to a 4-2 defeat

The positive feedback from Colchester players on our performance was nice to hear and rematch on cards

Two weeks into cup and The leftovers and Largentina are in prime position for the week 14 final