Week 12 West Brom league league week 9

No 5 or 10% this week but we did have 9 hattricks across the teams. Weight loss for the season currently at 201kg with 2 week remaining.

A little challenge can we think of 3 things this week we can reduce, replace or increase to help our weight loss and let’s try and push for a 250kg end of season position.

It could be increase water intake, reduce takeaways and remove sugar from hot drinks as an example.

Weight loss by team
Fatzio 27.8kg for season
Man titty 20.8kg for season
Psv 22.2kg for season
Quakers 37.2kg for season
Salad dodgers 36.6kg for season
The leftovers 42kg for season

Team with the highest kg loss this week is salad dodgers with 3.4kg across the available players

Weight loss team of the week
1/Adam Nicholls 1.4kg loss
2/James storer 1.4kg loss
3/Shane abbey 1.4kg loss
4/Jonathon Burbridge 1.8kg loss
5/Russell stokes 2kg loss
6/Rhys Winston 2kg loss

Welcome to the league tonight and good luck to Nathan Timmins and also thanks to you all for making an effort with the potential sign ups that came tonight 4-5 new players all left with a positive impression of the league and spoke highly of the players they had interacted with.

Two games left now after tonight

Week 13 sees the cup final between the leftovers and Quakers where weight loss is sure to make a difference so do what you can to hit the next target whether that be 5% or a hattrick or just repairing a gain and getting back under start it will all make a difference to your team.

Week 14 then sees the final league game on 7th October 3 teams can still win the overall league on week 14 with the leftovers and psv separated by goal difference and fatzio 2 points behind

The pitch league is still level with psv and Quakers both on 12 points and the weight loss league is separated by 1 point with the leftovers beating fatzio as it stands

11aside game on Sunday v Nottingham league lets make it a good effort

Captains shout outs this week

Well played yellows. Great run out for everyone tonight.

Motm for man titty is our new player Nathan who scored a hatrick on his debut. Everyone played brilliant.

Man of the match for Quakers tonight is Toff, for his continuous weight loss and willingness to take people on and beat them. Well played PSV it was a hard game :+1:t2:

Man of the match for fatzio is Shane scored a goal when we were up against it
Well done Titty :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Motm for dodgers tonight was Shane. 1.4kg loss a goal and an assist. Really good, competitive game, well played leftovers.

Lee and jimmy for leftovers gaining hatricks