Week 12

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend,:grin::rabbit::champagne:
Back now feeling positive to keep loosing weight with two weeks to go!! :muscle:

Great work to many of you last week, 5% reached by Scott Carrington, Ben Young, Dominic Green, Liam phillips, Barry Ansell, Rick Hall and Jay Shove WELL DONE to you guys!!:clap:

WELL DONE this week to Dan Woolven on reaching his 5%, also to Richard Alen who is officially a BMI BOSS!!:facepunch:

Richard and Ben’s Recipe of the Week!!:fork_and_knife:

Healthy pancakes.

Great for breakfast and only 2 ingredients so easy to make.

1 ripe banana :banana:
1 egg. :egg:

Peel and mash the banana with a fork.
Mix with the egg and whisk till all mixed.
Heat a nonstick frying pan and spray with low cal spray.
Pour the mix into the pan and cook for 1-2 mins on each side.

Kacie’s Tip of the week!:bulb:

Just a thought for you guys to think about and maybe start looking into…

-How many calories do you eat to how much you are burning ?
-Are you eating too many calories to how much exercise you are getting involved in each week?
-Are you not eating enough calories to how much you are burning each week?
-Or is it you are eating the wrong foods for energy when exercising?

On average you are Burning…
311 calories when playing football for 30 minutes:soccer:
Swimming 266 calories in 30 minutes:swimming_man:
Walking 200 calories in 30 minutes:walking_man:
Cycling 355 calories in 30 minutes:biking_man:

Try to look at calories on foods for a better idea of how much you can allow yourself.
Calories you consume should always be slightly more than you burn as calories will continue to burn after exercise.

See you all next week

Looking forward to joining in the new season!