Week 13 season 5 West Brom league Quakers won the cup

Well done to the guys who represented the West Brom league yesterday as we hosted the Nottingham league in an 11aside game. Goals from Si, rob and 2 from Nathan saw us win 4-2. Great performance by all and great recognition for Stu Bromley’s effort on the scales since joined and positive attitude within the league to be given captains arm band.

Tonight is cup final week ahead of the last game of the league season next week. The cup was won by Quakers turning a pitch defeat around with scales victory well done to Quakers great achievement also well done to leftovers for competing on both fronts. Next week sees 2nd play 3rd with both having opportunity to win the league and when these two played each other earlier in season there was 25 weight loss goals scored. These decided the game and weight loss goals will be important next week with hattricks and 5 and 10% achieve able for some. Likewise for the leftovers currently sitting top on goal difference.

Well done to Gareth downing and Paul baker on achieving 10% weight loss tonight which secured the result in there teams favour

Also we had 7 hattricks across the league so good progress made.

Weight loss by team cumulative
Fatzio 26kg
Man titty 20.3kg
Psv 20.4kg
Quakers 47.9kg
Salad dodgers 36.5kg
Leftovers 46.3kg

The two teams with the biggest weight loss over the season played out the cup final in tonight’s last game of the night

Weight loss team of the week
1/Simon Holmes 1.6kg loss
2/Shaun Dixon 1.8kg loss
3/dean Lester 2kg loss
4/Gareth downing 2.6kg loss
5/Tim burns 3kg loss
6/Sean derrington 3.5kg loss

With one week remaining Tim burns tops the league for kg lost with 14kg with Kristofer parr a close second on 13.4kg followed by Gareth downing on 12.8kg some great achievements.

As we head into October can we challenge ourselves to record a loss every October week as part of a player led push called losstober

The benefits of this are

Sets you up for Xmas with some good losses before party season
Helps the push for the league title next week
Good behaviours are catching and not as easy as you think to switch mentality on and off to suit

Captains shout outs for the week
Fatzio For relentless running and getting his 1st goal of the season Josh was our man of the match. Also awesome from both teams with the game played in the right spirit and all played with a smile on their soggy faces.

Toff is the Quakers Motm this week, exceptional work rate and weight loss once again!

Malc man titty. Weight loss and didn’t stop running all game

Great all round effort from all of dodgers tonight with only 5 players. Team MOTM tonight.

Dean for leftovers and well done to quakers good game backed up by weightlosses