Week 13 West Brom league and a 5 and 10% land

Welcome Steve and Darren to the league hope you both achieve great results. Welcome back to league to Simon Holmes and Andrew field after a break.

Well done today to Shaun Dixon of bmi ballers for achieving his 10% weight loss and well done to rob baker of The leftovers for achieving 5% this week :clap::clap:

Next weeks cup final sees largentina v The leftovers. Good luck to both, every weight loss goal will be key whether that be tracking through your books, a loss, a hattrick or the % target.

New season registration follows on 24 June so if you have friends or family interested please help get them signed up so we can get ready for new season.

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/rob baker 1.2kg loss and 5% achieved, Adam Nichols 1.2kg loss
2/Bruce Dyas 2.2kg loss
3/Greg Dyas 2.5kg loss
4/Gareth downing 2.5kg loss first week well done
5/Stephen white 3.2kg loss
6/Shaun Dixon 3.6kg loss and 10% achieved

Captains shout outs today

Kebaberdeen tonight was Adam nonstop running all game, special thanks and a big well done to Andy Field first week back and played an hour of football

MOTM voted for by BMI was captain Shaun for scoring a goal, hitting the post and losing 3.60kg and also hitting my 10% weight loss

Bayern munchies man of the match goes to Stu Bromley consistent weight loss all season and attacking role covering lot of pitch today