Week 13

Great to see your all pushing yourselves to loose the weight to reach goals with one week to go.

WELL DONE this week to Rob Dack, Alan Currivan and Daniel Mander Reaching their 5%. :clap:
One more week to go!!!:open_mouth: push yourself to reach that goal of either 5% or 10% as some of you are very very close.:star_struck:

Thought of the week!!!:thought_balloon:
Have a think about this season , then look into next season…
Any ideas you have which may help you keep on track, are you going to get organised start making food diaries, lists of foods you may start buying and trying or foods you’ll cut out, fitness/gym plans which you can stick to, plans will help with motivation, sticking to a plan you know you’ll complete it, rather than skipping the exercise.
Anything which will make a huge difference on weight loss next season :muscle:.

See you all next week for WEEK 14!!:grinning:

Kacie :wave: