Week 2, Praises all round

Like to start by saying a hugeeee congrats to all who took part in the 11 a side match Saturday, what a way to show off your own achievements throughout this journey as well as now being able to show off the great work you all achieved as a team, it was also great to hear many of you went and supported to.:clap::confetti_ball::trophy:

Well done this week to Adam Taylor, Joe Young, James Mccarthy and Stewart Mcneill on achieving their 5%:clap::clap:

Its a start of the new season its time to get serious about food intake, on a daily or weekly basis, i know some of you do use the book to help log in food which is great as i can also have a read…
But if you forget to write in foods, why not try Calorie Counting apps like (My fitness Pal), most of the apps now allow you to scan the bar-code on the food packet which allows for a quick and simple calorie upload as well as all other nutritional values and logs it on the app along with the other foods/meals you’ve consumed throughout the day, the apps then can tell you if you are under eating, over eating or just eating the wrong or right foods… why not give an app a go, available on all types of phones :+1::fork_and_knife:

See you all next week
Kacie :wave:

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