Week 2 telford up to 69kg

Close games on the pitch tonight which is what we wanted when we mixed the teams up.

The challenge last week was missed so I will roll it over to this week if your full team track your food and exercise and score your exercise out of 10 rate of perceived exertion you will Earn 3 bonus goals next week.

The idea of the challenge is to get closer to your week in terms of spotting higher calorie
Days earlier alongside making the most of your exercise time now you have started committing time out of your week for football maybe runs or walks.

Next week is promising to be a good week, it’s cup week 1, it’s also hattrick week for anyone who lost weight in the last 2 game weeks. Scales can tip the result in your favour. Maybe we are getting close to our first 5% of the season.

A big welcome to John price into largentina and to Steven Hazeldine who has just joined up and joins the green FC Bayern BRU.

Weight loss by team
Pork vale - black team 8.7kg cumulative so far
FC Bayern BRU 7.2kg cumulative so far
Inter the fridge 7.2kg cumulative so far
Jacamo rhinos 20.3kg so far
Largentina 12.9kg so far
Olympique mayonnaise 13.5kg so far

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Rob Maythorne 4kg loss
  2. Richard Hand 2.6kg loss
  3. Ben Dorsett 2.6kg loss
  4. James sambrook 2.5kg loss
  5. Andrew Farrell 2.5kg loss
  6. Ben Jones 2kg loss

In the weight loss pairs the below pairs from
The top ranking have increased there kg loss for season - figures are total since reg

Ben and mike 9.7kg

Liam and Craig 4.9kg

Dougie and mark 3.7kg

Ben and Ryan 2.8kg

Andy and rich 5.6kg

Some interesting chats today around planning and preparation and seeing rewards of that, also of setting mini goals to help rather than one big goal and then being dissapointed if you don’t get the big loss.

To finish off a big well done to the telford 11s Sunday a 5-3 win v oldbury. The 11s is a good run out but also good for the community feel of the league as all together a bit of banter support and run out representing the league