Week 3 hattricks and 5% number 1



Shout outs from captains

Porky blinders
Ben for leading the way on the scales. Inspiration to the team. Adrian WH for his WhatsApp motivation and shining light with his book and approach.

Snackrington Stanley Tom for Snackrington. He had a superb match, on top of good weightloss. Really happy with the whole team tonight though.

Bayern munchies Ashley Cockbill he played so well tonight he was everywhere and I’ve gotta mention what a great team performance we’ve finally got our first point pn the pitch​:pray::pray::muscle::muscle:

Real Madras Piotr for Madras. Solid weight loss and all round performance

Flabletico Mark for flab with a weight loss and a solid performance on the pitch.

Ivory toast All around good team performance Silas for stepping in the goals and weight loss for the hat-trick’s

At week 3 weight loss is up to 128kg

Bayern munchies with 12.8kg weight loss
Flabletico Madrid with 7.9kg weight loss
Ivory toast with 23.6kg weight loss
Porky blinders 41.5kg weight loss
Real Madras 23.8kg weight loss
Snackrington Stanley with 19.3kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season at week 3 in reverse order
1/Steven Davies 4.8kg weight loss return to the league
2/ Adrian wall Hayes 4.8kg weight loss consistently achieving great losses
3/Nik Kendall 5kg weight loss while injured
4/Paul hill 5.2kg loss a great start to season
5/Ben farnsworth 6.2kg loss and 1st 5% of season
6/Neil hodgetts 6.5kg loss captain leading by example

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order some great achievements
1/Nik Kendall 1.6kg weight loss
2/Ben farnsworth 1.6kg weight loss to achieve 5%
3/barry Purewal 2.2kg weight loss a great loss with more running into schedule this week
4/Marcus farnsworth 3kg weight loss
5/abs Fadhel 3kg weight loss
6/Steven Davies 4.8 kg loss

A reminder venue is closed on good Friday so no games scheduled Friday 19th April

If you have missed sessions and want to catch up in the weekly AQA slot let me know and we can make an appointment

Some of you have football away trips the weekend the trick is to enjoy your day out but don’t write off the whole week for one day it’s still possible to pull it back.

With low numbers last week with the Albion v blues game the week 1 of pairs was rolled up into a two weeker so results have been confirmed and round 2 fixtures out for next week to help with focus

Ash and sam v Matt and rob
Silas, Steve Connor v ash Dave Mark
Kp and luke v Ben and Paul
Jon and Ben v suky and Marcus
Nik and Matt v dodge and Tony
Dan and mike v ade bill and add
Lewis and Paul v Jamie and Chris