Week 3 - UWA League - Bad Weeks and Ownership

Week 3 fixtures completed. Fantastic to see so many of you last night, it is great to see the teams becoming complete with new additions. I would like to welcome Josh Newland and Gavin who jumped on board to complete the Polar Bears team last night.

A special thanks to those of you who stepped up in front of the camera last night for the interviews:
Paul Troiani
Alastair Martin
Darryl Waugh
Carl Mousley
Paul Flatau

As well as everyone else for putting on a great show for the camera crew.

On-Pitch performance

Green Machine (Green) 2 - 7 O.B. City (Red)
Fatburn Rovers (Blue) 4 - 0 Polar Bears (white)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 4 - 5 Black Puddings (Black)

Off-Pitch results

Green Machine (Green) 3 - 3 O.B. City (Red)
Fatburn Rovers (Blue) 1 - 1 Polar Bears (white)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 1 - 1 Black Puddings (Black)

Overall Results for week 2

Green Machine (Green) 5 - 10 O.B. City (Red)
Fatburn Rovers (Blue) 5 - 1 Polar Bears (white)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 5 - 6 Black Puddings (Black)

You can see match results anytime at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/uwa , and if you click on ‘ Latest Results’ (the tab on the right of the results box) and hover your mouse over the scores (e.g., 4 – 2), you’ll be able to see a break down of where the score came from.

Shout-Out to Current Team Weight Loss Leaders… Based on kgs lost to-date.**

  • O.B. City - 10.4kg
  • Black Puddings - 9.30kg
  • Green Machine - 7.80kg

Overall League weight loss to date: 40.10kg

This week I want to talk about those off weeks, where things don’t fall into place, life gets stressful/busy the unpredictable happens or maybe we just loosen up a bit too much.

We will all have these weeks over the course of our weight loss journey and will continue to have weeks like this even after we have reached our goals. What is important is knowing how to mentally prepare ourselves and learn from them to progress forward.

Speaking to a few players last night that didn’t have the week they had hoped for we realized that the training and diet we maintain during a good week actually does make a difference. Sometimes a bad week, one with increased sedentary behaviors and increased energy intake can add perspective to the lifestyle changes that make a good week…good.

The takeaway message from this rambling is to expect the bad times, learn from them, and then put that lesson into practice!

A few tips you may want to put into practice this week:

  1. Eat more during the day and less during the evening

    • Foods earlier in the day make us feel fuller - This means don’t skip breakfast! get up earlier if you absolutely have to.
  2. Eat slowly - Chewing food more makes you feel more full!
    - Ghrelin - the orexigenic hunger hormone which makes you hungry has been seen to
    be significantly less active in those who spent more time chewing!

  3. Use smaller plates - with a rim makes it look like you are eating more (portion control)

  4. Break the habit - meat pie + beer every time the footy is on? popcorn every time a movie is on? try to break these routines with healthier options!

That’s all from me, feel free to reach out anytime should you need some help.

Until next time,


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Anyone else wish Hamish was running the 30 day groups? :joy:

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