Week 4, keep it up!

BBQ SEASON :hamburger::bacon::cut_of_meat::poultry_leg::beers:
Everyone loves a BBQ , belive it or not cooking meat on a bbq is one of the healthiest ways, no oil is needed :+1:
Its the other parts that go with a bbq including the bread, snacks and Drink, try to keep bread to one burger or one hot dog even better, no bread at all. Try not to snack on the crisps, chips, pizza etc as thats when you start over eating without realising :pizza::fries:, try and look at the calories in a bottle of beer, two beers are enough and can easily be burnt off, if you still want to enjoy a drink or two, go for spirits as they contain less calories. :beer::tropical_drink::cocktail:

Well Done this week to Scott Carrington, David Harris, Liam Phillips, Craig Dawson, Luke Pattern and Simon Lewis, all reaching their 5%:clap:

I’ve got a question for you all, some of the guys have asked me if i know of any good HIIT training Apps…
i make my own HIIT Routines up so i’ve never used an app,
Just asking if anyone knows of any goodens and has used them?
Suggestions would be great! :muscle::ok_hand:

See you all next week :wave: