Week 4 , seeing some great weight loss results

WELL DONE everyone, I’m seeing determined efforts across all teams, there have been a lot of great weight loss results, mind set is key for losing weight so keep it up!:smiley::+1:

5% this week goes toCraig Sutton, Sam Yell, James White and Andrew Everett:clap::clap:

Protein Over Carbs :muscle:
A few if you have been asking me questions like , are carbohydrates ok to eat?how much should i be eating? or even just what are the best foods to eat to keep me full for longer but also help with weight loss?

Well here is your answer
Some Carbohydrates are OK to eat for energy levels and to keep you fuller for longer, but you must remember not to eat them too often throughout the week, they are a bulky food which can cause bloating and too much carbohydrate intake will cause the high carbohydrate levels to turn into bad fat.
-Whole wheat breads, pastas, and flour
-Brown and wild rices
-Legumes, such as black beans, chickpeas, lentils, and others

Keep your balanced diet by adding more protein, substituting for the carbohydrates why you may ask? here is why…
-Greater Muscle mass and lean tissue
-Less Hunger and lower Calorie intake to Carbhohydrates
-Easier Fat loss on a calorie-Restricted diet
-Less belly fat
-Stronger tendons and faster recovery from injury

so an example meal if you are eating chicken with potato, just substitute the potato for another portion of chicken and team it with green vegetables like spinach , kale and broccoli as they are great for weight loss, low calorie, will help you feel full, also high in fibre.

Any questions on which foods have the highest amount of protein just ask me!:+1:

See you all next week
Kacie :wave:

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Hey dude, is this a mis-type?

Since both have 4 calories per 1g (not taking thermic effect into consideration), are you talking about swapping some carbs for protein for hunger which can lead to less calories being consumed due to hunger being satisfied better… Basically lowring calories indirectly due to better food choices? (makes perfect sense)


Yet boiled potatoes are one of the highest rated foods for satisfying satiety…

Hate them myself, rather have peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes…

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