Week 4 - UWA league - Lack of sleep holding you back

“Black Panthers” coming out strong on the pitch once again lastnight and “Better Red than Dead” leading the charge for off-pitch goals with a big 4.

A shoutout to Simon Bowman for taking the first step in his weightloss journey by joining the league this week with the “Blue Mountains”. Please make him feel welcome if you see him around gents.

On-Pitch results
Black Panthers vs FC F.C (Yellow) 7 - 0
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Better Red than Dead 4 - 0
Weighty Whites vs Blue Mountains 1 - 3

Off-Pitch results

Black Panthers vs FC F.C (Yellow) 3 - 2
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Better Red than Dead 3 - 4
Weighty Whites vs Blue Mountains 0 - 2

Overall Results for week 3

Black Panthers vs FC F.C (Yellow) 10 - 2
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Better Red than Dead 7 - 4
Weighty Whites vs Blue Mountains 1 - 5

You can see match results anytime at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/uwa , and if you click on ‘ Latest Results’ (the tab on the right of the results box) and hover your mouse over the scores (e.g., 4 – 2), you’ll be able to see a break down of where the score came from.

Shout-Out to Current Team Weight Loss Leaders… Based on kgs lost to-date.**

  • Black Panthers - 14.40kg
  • Blue Mountains - 10.8kg
  • FC F.C (Yellow) - 7.4kg

Overall League weight loss to date: 53.8kg (lost a few players to injury!)

This week a few of you blokes have spoken to me about reduced sleep and increased stress. So I have attached a few pointers on how poor sleep patterns negatively impact your weightloss journey.

  1. It’s a vicious cycle - Decreased sleep has been proven to lead to obesity - obesity then further leads to more poor sleep and the cycle continues.

  2. Hunger hormones - Ghrelin - This is known as the hunger hormone, meaning it will increase your appetite and is normally seen to spike before meal times. Poor sleep as lead to increased Ghrelin in the system meaning you are more likely to over indulge on unnecessary

  3. Poor sleep reduces your resting metabolism - this means you are going to burn less energy at rest just by a reduction in sleep!

  4. Lastly, lack of sleep is going to eventually lead to fatigue - this fatigue is going to impact your ability to lose weight through physical activity!

Further impacts of sleep on weightloss can be found online:

Have a fabulous week lads and look after yourselves, we have had way too many injuries lately.

Until next time,