Week 4 UWA Soccer

MAN v FAT Soccer UWA Week 4.

What a great night of games lads! It was fantastic to see all of you working together on the field and encouraging each other. Lets keep this going!

League total weight loss is at 58.1 kg!!!

Shout out to Gary in the Black Puddings for joining the 5% club. Great work! Afew more of you are getting close to that 5% so keep it up!

Match results

Polar Bears (White) vs Fatburn Rovers (Blue) : 7 - 10

O.B. City (Red) vs Black Puddings (Black) : 16 - 7

Green Machine (Green) vs Yellow Belly (Yellow) : 11- 9

Listening to you guys and your feed back during weigh in was very useful! Lets keep alcohol consumption down and engage in that extra bit of physical activity that alot of you are doing throughout the week whether it is walking or swimming, keep it up guys. Also back to basics lets focus on portion control and avoid snacking thoughout the day and while on the run during work.

Well done lads and see you all next thursday!