Week 4 West Brom wet windy night

Well done to Nathan Timmins 5% achieved tonight to help his team decide a close pitch game with a scales victory.

Weight loss pairs quarter final tonight saw
Sean D and Lee C progress to play
Jaydon and Aiden in a two week semi final
In semi final number 2 it’s
Andy and Nathan T vs
Rob C, Martin and Stu w

Weight loss by team at week 4
Dundee cake United 34.2kg so far with 7.5kg this week
Nacho average team 35.4kg so far with 6.2kg this week
Pie in the sky blues 24.7kg so far with 1.2kg this week
Psv 16.1kg so far with 0.5kg this week
Quakers 1.5kg loss with 1.8kg this week
VARsity club 19.4kg so far with 2.6kg this week

Weight loss team of week
1/Ronnie Harris 1.2kg loss and hattrick
2/Nathan Timmins 1.8kg and 5% this week
3/Sean Gallinagh 1.8kg this week and first hattrick since joining
4/rob Allsopp 2.4kg this week
5/ebs Samuel 2.6kg this week and hattrick
6/ Jaydon Hadley 3.5kg this week and hattrick

Captains shout out this week

Pie in the sky blues Nathan motm for us tonight put in a shift

Whole of VARsity get MOTM this week. Solid on and off the pitch cotributions and supporting each other all the time in team chat. #GoVARsity

Dundee cake United Nathan MOTM tonight for hitting his 5% weight loss… good week on the chat , all being motivated with meals

Nacho average team Shifty and Sean both nominations tonight both good weightloss and none stop effort on the pitch
Neil MOTM for Quakers, great work on and off the pitch this week. But fantastic effort from all on the pitch this week playing without any subs

Psv hattrick weeks for Ant Groom and Kirk Dyas

Keep up the sharing up food photos and ideas on the chats it really pays off here’s my tea from tonight earlier wife made it but amazing

Also give the podcast a listen if you have a spare hour the last edition includes stories on players with injuries who still able to achieve big on the scales.

Creating that calorie deficit is key and the most accurate way to do that is preparation and tracking