Week 5 Crystal Palace



XXXLsior Blues 6 - 5 Nonatletico Bilbao Blacks

FULLofHAM FC Reds 3 - 2 Fatzio Greens

Dynamo Kebab Clarets 6 - 2 One Tonne Wanderers FC Orange

Another good week of football down in Selhurst, i know there has been a couple issues with the pitch but the way everyone is handling it has been great and i can assure you i am working hard to find a solution. Well done to those who have hit their 5% this week so close to Christmas.

Also massive thank you to those who have helped out other teams to ensure they get a good game. I know football is a massive reason why you are all here but do not forget that the website and forum is a place where you can find out loads of information an help for problems you may be having. I am also available via whatsapp and email so make full use of the resources you have to help achieve your weight-loss goals.

Being a personal Trainer i know strength training can help when losing weight and this post hits the nail on the head.