Week 5, good luck today!

Wish the guys the best of luck today who have entered the draw for the St. George’s Park Tournament, what a great opportunity for those who are successful :soccer: :crossed_fingers:

Well Done this week to Steven Chapman, Ryan Curtis, Ian French and Ian Lewis reaching their 5% :clap:

If anyone has got any suggestions to add to the forum posts let me know, be great to get a players thought of the week across!! :facepunch:

Its summer season so alot of us will be going on holiday for a week/two weeks, it is a great time to relax and get away from everyday life, and of course we like to let ourselves go over the holiday, eating the amazing cusine the places offer, as well as having a drink or two.
As soon as the holidays over its time to get back on track to loosing the weight, you dont want to see results start to worsen after a break away.:sunny::parasol_on_ground::sunglasses:

see you all next week
Kacie :wave: