Week 5 - UWA League - A shoulder to lean on

Absolutely blitzing through this season gents, next weeks fixtures are the same as week 1.

Managed to watch a few minutes of the red vs white games lastnight - fabulous 3 or 4 goals from Josh Newland against star keep Carl Mousley but red team brought it back together for the win in the second half. Another impressive night for Alec Coles in Goals with some spectatular dives and cat-like reflexes. Ian Mcdonald from the Yellow Bellies seemed to slow down time to score a brilliant goal against blue in the final game of the night. On the topic of the Yellow Bellies I would like to welcome Kev Robinson to the league who will be joining yellow for the remainer of the season. A special mention goes out to Allon as he managed to misplace 3kg over the previous week…

Seriously well done off the pitch this week lads, a further 10kg was lost overall since week 4 so keep it up!

Thank you to all players that came equipped with shin pads lastnight, I think there is only 2 or so players left to source some for next week.

On-Pitch results

O.B. City (Red) 6 - 4 Polar Bears (white)
Green Machine (Green) 7 - 1 Black Puddings (Black)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 3 - 6 Fatburn Rovers (Blue)

Off-Pitch results

O.B. City (Red) 2 - 1 Polar Bears (white)
Green Machine (Green) 3 - 0 Black Puddings (Black)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 0 - 4 Fatburn Rovers (Blue)

Overall Results for week 4

O.B. City (Red) 8 - 5 Polar Bears (white)
Green Machine (Green) 10 - 1 Black Puddings (Black)
Yellow Belly (yellow) 3 - 10 Fatburn Rovers (Blue)

You can see match results anytime at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/uwa , and if you click on ‘ Latest Results’ (the tab on the right of the results box) and hover your mouse over the scores (e.g., 4 – 2), you’ll be able to see a break down of where the score came from.

Shout-Out to Current Team Weight Loss Leaders… Based on kgs lost to-date.**

  • O.B. City - 13.5kg
  • Black Puddings - 10.7kg
  • Green Machine - 9.7kg

Overall League weight loss to date: 49.50kg

We are well and truly into this season now lads so I just want remind you all that you are in this journey together. Throughout the previous seasons of Man versus Fat in both Australia and the U.K the most successful teams have been those that communicate and bond with one another! So if you have had a good week let your team know about it, share the secrets around, what worked out for you this week? What did you enjoy? What amazing snack or meal kept you going throughout the work week? Now dont be nervous to share those bad weeks either, as I have mentioned in the past we all have them and one of the most effective ways to move forward is through support of your very own teammates.

If you’ve got people in your team who are shedding the kilos, racking up those off-pitch goals for your team get around them and celebrate just like you would for goals on the pitch. Remember we are all here to support each other! So start using one anothers shoulders to lean on whenever you feel the need.

That’s all from me, feel free to reach out anytime should you need some help and have a fabulous weekend.

Until next time,