Week 5 UWA Man V Fat league

MAN v FAT Soccer UWA

Week 5 saw the return of better (and warmer) weather, and there was a lot of action on the field last night with good strategic game play and a truly spectacular header from Ravi scoring for the Yellow Bellies. Special mention this week to Gary (Black Puddings) who joined the 5% club. Great stuff!

Overall Results

Black Puddings (Black) 3 - 8 Green Machine (Green)

Yellow Belly (Yellow) 5 - 5 Polar Bears (White)

Fatburn Rovers (Blue) 3 - 12 O.B. City (Red)

Well done guys with all the extra exercise you are doing throughout the week and to those that are still having alcohol as their post exercise nutrition check out the podcast link in the Watsapp UWA Man V Fat group.

See you all next Thursday!