Week 6 Cockburn League 2021

Hi All,

Weight loss leaders this week were;
Daniel from Red down 0.6
Jordan from Black down 1.5
Shaun from Blue down 1.4
Adrian from Blue down 1.0

Hatricks this week going to Adrian, Aziz, David and Phil .

Well done Gents! and congrats to yellow and black for their on pitch wins.

Some nutrition info this week, is in regards to feeling satisfied after a meal and avoiding those temptations that may go against your weight loss goals;

Ghrelin is a hormone that is released to stimulate hunger, while Leptin is a hormone that decreases our appetite .

We all have stretch receptors in our stomach that trigger the release/ inactivation of these hormones.

By eating a balanced meal; meaning it contains protein, complex carbohydrates , and healthy fat and plenty of fibre, ghrelin will come down and our hunger will stop, however, when we consume things like a chocolate bar, or a coke that is lacking in the above macro and micronutrients, these hormones aren’t regulated as they should be, and often trigger more cravings for these types of foods, this is often also the case with crash dieting or excessive calorie/food restriction.

Protein also increases our sensitivity to leptin (the appetite lowering hormone) , which is another reason to ensure your main meals contain at least 20-30grams per meal. High protein foods are your lean meats; chicken, fish, red meat, eggs, tofu, tempeh, lentils, beans, and dairy-milk , yoghurt and cheese has a moderate amount.

Aim to eat 3 balanced meals per day .

Interestingly, sleeping less than 7 hours per day also increases ghrelin, the hunger hormone, so another reason to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

Hope these tips help!